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In our nursery, children have the chance to engage into a variety of educational and recreational activities including linguistic, musical, motional, artistic, theatrical, social, intellectual, environmental, promathematic and others. English lessons are provided for children over 2 years' old while children in our kindergarten class will have a first acquaintance with personal computers and the internet.

Our school implements a very structured educational program covering the individual needs of each age group.


The first year in each child's life is critical for the development of its personality, since during that year children begin communicating with their surroundings. We aim to cover the infants' biological and emotional needs and assist their intellectual development through playing activities, with respect for the individual growth rate of each child. 


While toddlers are beginning to take their first solid steps, we aim to continue covering their biological and emotional needs, but also to create the proper environment for playing and learning. Games become more creative and help the child to learn by using its senses, while we place certain emphasis on toilette use and eating habits.

Early preschoolers

At this stage we aim to assist the development of the children's intellectual abilities and help them form their own identities/personalities. Creative games continue to be the child's main activity. Educational games sharpen children's thinking, enhance their perceptiveness and offer them knowledge. We also try to increase their socialization skills through specially designed group activities.


The educational program for this group succeeds the early preschoolers' program, enriched with activities specially designed for this growth stage. Following each child's uniqueness and individual growth rate, we aim at its balanced further development on a physical, emotional and intellectual level.


We aim to offer our kindergarten children quality and effective education. To enhance their team competencies, their respect for other people, the development of their own unique personalities, the effective communication with their environment and their development to creative students. All children, having actively experienced our educational program, are in the position to successfully continue to elementary school.




















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